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The West 7th Business Association has designated funds to award micro-grants for programs or improvements within the West 7th community.  This program is funded by proceeds from the West 7th Business Association membership dues and is intended to be fair and equitable.  The application must be for, or sponsored by, a member business or organization.  As available funds may vary from year to year, the number of grants awarded may change.  Request for funds have a cap of $500 per business and is limited to one grant award per business per year.

The West 7th Business Association Board determines micro-grant awards and decisions will be made by a simple majority.  The Board reserves the right not to award the full amount of the available grant funds in any grant cycle and reserves the right to deny any part or the entire request.


Application Process:

  1. Requests will be due on May 15th and will be awarded on June 15th of each year.
  2. Fill out Micro-Grant application. To request an application, email Treasurer@W7BA.org  or download it from our website W7BA.org.   Applications are due to the Board by the deadline specified.  Send applications to:  Treasurer@W7BA.org.
    1. Attach vendor quote/estimate with specific information and detailed costs.
  3. The Board will review requests
  4. Applicants will be notified via email if request is approved, denied or if additional clarification is needed. Payments will be made by the following board meeting.
  5. Questions regarding the application or process can be emailed to Treasurer@W7BA.org

NOTE:   Any purchases made prior to approval will not be reimbursed.  

              Applications must be filled out completely.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Additional Stipulations:

  • All projects must be within the West 7th area and directed by a West 7th business or organization. The West 7th area is defined as from the Xcel Center to Fort Snelling.
  • Requests for tangible items that build for the future will receive priority. Preferred requests are those seeking improvements on vertical infrastructure, beautification, renovations, repairs, etc. Purchases from neighborhood businesses would be preferred.  W7BA will not consider grants for religious purposes, political activities, endowment, annual fund drives, individuals, capital campaigns, budget deficit, or general operating expenses.
  • No exceptions to the schedule will be allowed.
  • No appeals will be considered. Requests can be resubmitted during the next grant cycle.
  • The Board will audit grants. Applicants receiving grants will be asked to document the expenditure(s) and return any unused funds.
    Changes to an awarded grant may only be approved by the Board.
  • After each grant cycle, the Board will request feedback, evaluate and adjust the grant award process as necessary.
  • Grant money will be held by the Treasurer until spent.

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