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2017 Annual Membership Meeting


February 16, 2017
Bad Weather Brewing Company

  • 4:00 p.m. Check-in and socializing
    Appetizers/aperitivos/tacos compliments of Pajarito
  • 4:30 Welcome, bylaw mission amendment; board election, W7BA update
  • 4:40 Retail W7BA-sponsored promotion: Mid-Summer Shops, July 11-22
  • 4: 45 Certificates of Recognition
  • 5:00 Councilperson Rebecca Noecker
  • 5:10 Eddie Bova: workplace safety
  • 5:30-6:00 Socializing

Bylaws update: Adopted Mission (from the bylaws)

The Association is a combination of business and professional individuals dedicated to the
development and welfare of its membership. The organization is further committed to support
and cultivate local interests and maintain a communication network.

Approved 2017 W7BA Board of Directors

  • Amy Buchanan: Center For Lost Objects
  • Kathy Coolidge: RS Eden
  • Paula Faughender: Naturewise Chem Dry
  • Louis Garcia: Media Garcia
  • Landen Hedrick: Bank Cherokee
  • Jerry Rothstein: Community Reporter
  • Kent Petterson: Terrace Horticultural Books
  • Ann Sechter: Stuart Company
  • Cindy Silkett: REI Properties
  • Michelle Veverka Smith: Rudy’s Event Rentals

W7BA-sponsored retail promotion: Mid-Summer Shops

Promotional program of individual W7BA member businesses July 11-22. Metro wide marketing that
features the vitality of retail and the arts along West 7th and its arteries. This trial program can be
followed by a similar Christmas local shopping program.

Update by Saint Paul City Councilperson Rebecca Noecker


Certificates of Recognition to local businesses
including one to Joe Landsberger (l) for continued service over the years with President Kent Petterson (r)

Presentation on Workplace Safety by Eddie Bova

West Seventh Business Association
PO Box 16582
St. Paul, MN 55116

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